Self Care - Take Care Sunday

15 March 2020

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all well and looking after yourself during this uncertain season,

I have heard so many news stories everyday about the Corona Virus and as a public health professional it is quite unsettling not knowing exactly what to say to people. I have found that the best thing to recommend is washing your hands and using anti bacterial hand gels when you are unable to do so. I would definitely say that practicing self care wouldn't do any harm. 

My tips for self care follow :

1. Eating Healthier, research recipes and plan meals to include more vegetables that are high in Vitamin C such as Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Cauliflower into your diet. 

2. Getting involved in physical activity, I currently play semi professional football / soccer which I hope to talk about more but I know how I feel when I play or do something active. I feel so much better, I feel that I am able to leave all my stress and worries on the pitch and I feel so much lighter after I have played.

3. Reading an enriching book by someone who inspires you or an inspiring topic, I find that reading novels which themes of strong women where I feel that can lose myself in a book, I'm currently reading Under the Udala Trees which is one of my favourite books based in Nigeria, Igboland.

4. DECLUTTER, removing old papers, old clothes and cleaning is really good for a healthy mindset and I find that I can think better even by tidying up my bed before work and coming hime to a clean room.

5. Have a nap, I am the queen of naps as I find them refreshing and calming. I am able to think better and plan my life after I have rested rather than when I feel that everything is chaotic.

I really hope you all look after yourself and loved ones during this period as we really don't understand the extent of this virus.

Keep safe,

Ese x

Photos by Lucy Creative 

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