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8 March 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is well,

I'm not even going to say that I am back to blogging as that will be the 100th time I have said that but we move. I have recently been considering what my work - wear style is. I like many different styles of clothing but I have often struggled to find out what is stylish in my eyes but also suits my body shape. My body is definitely a work in progress and I have accepted that but I still need to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. I want my work - wear style to be an expression of my personal self and feel comfortable in my own skin. I would say that I love all Parisian style basics such as the striped top, great jeans, trench coat and blazers however, I do adore the classic all black outfit. I would say that finding your style means experimenting a great deal and figuring out what works for you rather than your favourite instagrammer or blogger. However, I find that workwear is definitely where I have found my safe space and I will list some great options that definitely work for most body shapes. My key essentials are black blazer, black jumper, camel coat, loafers and white shirt. These pieces can be used to make many different outfits. I would recommend shops such as M&S, Zara, & Other Stories and ASOS for work wear that is stylish, good quality and affordable.

1. The all black outfit :

Blazer - Zara
Jumper - New Look
Trousers - ASOS
Loafers - & Other Stories

2. The camel coat outfit

Coat - Zara
White Shirt - ASOS
Trousers - ASOS
Loafers - & Other Stories
Bag - Chloe

Lots of Love,

Ese x

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