12 January 2020

Hello from Brighton, Hove

I'm currently here for the weekend which was a pleasant surprise trip from my boyfriend. It has been so beautiful to experience the coastal waves, fresh air and listening to the peaceful sounds from beach at night. I would like to thank God for the experience of working in a mental health setting  and for being able to experience the smallest wonders. I am definitely going to take more time resting and enjoying what I have and less time being sad and comparing myself to unrealistic perceptions of society. I really want to be successful in every avenue I take but I need to work on areas that hinder that success such a procrastination and laziness which are my new year resolutions. But back to Brighton which is truly wonderful and definitely should be a place to visit if you live or don't live in the UK.

My top 5 things to do in a Brighton

1. Although Brighton is clearly posh in some parts, there so many things you can do which are fun and cost effective such as visiting the beach. It's a rocky beach but it has such wonderful views, that you forget the lack of sand.

2. So many cute places to eat, we went to Cin Cin which served amazing Italian food at such good prices and definitely pick up some local fish and chips, I could have eaten that all weekend.

3. Cinema, the Odeon or Picturehouse were really lovely in Brighton and had such a great variety of films and snacks, we went twice and watched Little Women and 1917. I loved both films which were films based in the past and painted a beautiful picture.

4. Shopping, they have so many vintage shops - we got some amazing finds !!

5. Brighton Pier - full of arcade games and fun fair rides, it is a great place for fun and laughs

Hope you enjoyed this read




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