Hello Lisbon

21 March 2019


I have just come back from Lisbon and it was a wonderful adventure. I loved every part of Lisbon from the sight seeing, culture, food and so much more. I was there for 5 days and really gained insight into the city life. The people were so wonderful and I was able to learn some of the language too. Portuguese is very fast paced but similar to Spanish which I found easier to grasp. I went to the city square for the Climate Change Protests, had the most amazing brunch at Zenith and went sailing. I also had the opportunity to have some photos taken by Prasad - an Indian photographer and they look amazing.

I also went shopping and they have so many shops like Mango, Zara, Levi and Sephora which are my favourites in the UK. I also explored Chicora who sell wool blankets made in Portugal which I loved and my boyfriend bought me one with the matching cushion. I loved the ethos of Chicora as they recycle all their materials and create wool bags which I also received. I am definitely looking at being more of a sustainable shopper and donating clothes I don't use to charity. 

Furthermore, I would definitely recommend Lisbon as WOC friendly. I have gone to other European cities such as Ancona in Italy and definitely felt the isolation and stares. It is the reason why I always research whether a city in Europe or anywhere in the world is racist because it ruins your holiday when igornance is the only thing you can picture. 

I will do a Sephora haul this week I hope and showcase more photos I took in Portugal from my camera, the photos below are from my iPhone X and Prasad.

Thank you for reading xxx

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