Being perfect on social media

4 February 2019


So I really wanted to discuss my feelings towards social media - the good, bad and the ugly. I would describe myself as a daily user of Instagram and Twitter. I find both tools very entertaining and often find myself sniggering on the bus inappropriately. Social media has managed to bring so many people together, find love, find ourselves - so what is my problem? I don't really have a problem with but I think the levels can verge on obsessive therefore become unhealthy. As someone who works in public health I know what most unhealthy habits look like and social media has definitely become one we ignore. I started noticing small signs like when I would go for dinner and care more about taking a perfect picture of my meal then enjoying it. It is bizarre and thinking about it makes me annoyed at myself because I will probably do the same thing tomorrow.  I know that I still want the ideal which is a big platform with lots of followers and engagement but I would be showing the furthest version of myself. I don't have perfect meals, many designer clothes or perfect photography images and I need to remind myself that it is okay. 

I would rather be a healthy user of social media then a perfect one. 

Thanks for reading,

Ese xxx

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