Sicily Photography

10 December 2018

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my pictures from Sicily where I visited in June. It was beautiful and I would definitely recommend it.

Streets of Sicily - Palermo


Best Restaurant Ever - Libreria Dante

Streets of Palermo, Sicily

Thanks for reading xo 

Music Mondays

3 December 2018


I wanted to do a few "music mondays" before the year ends, I really hope to be more consistent with blogging which I say every year but 2019 I hope it will be different.

My first song recommendation would definitely be Halsey - Without Me, I adore this song and only just found it from the VS 2018 show today. I will be honest and admit I didn't really jump on the Halsey train as I didn't get her vibe. However, this song I just fell in love with and I am one of those people who just rinse out a song (apologies to my brain for the next week).

The next song I would suggest would be the song of the moment Ariana Grande - thank u, next  which is a move on from toxic boyfriend anthem. I'm actually surprised with how many pop tracks I have enjoyed this month but this one I have been bumping to all week. The video is a actually legendary with all our " favourite chick flicks" in one take. I especially loved the Mean Girls and Bring It On throwback. It was nice to actually watch a fun music video without looking at my stomach and think why the hell did I eat two snickers bars in 30 minutes?

Final recommendation would definitely be Osh - My YE is different which will be the "I am not in your lane" anthem that I promise to live by. I always listen to this song before playing football or doing my makeup because I promise it will leave you feeling like the sauciest person on the planet.

Thanks for reading,

Ese xo

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