Sicily Photography

10 December 2018

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my pictures from Sicily where I visited in June. It was beautiful and I would definitely recommend it.

Streets of Sicily - Palermo


Best Restaurant Ever - Libreria Dante

Streets of Palermo, Sicily

Thanks for reading xo 

Music Mondays

3 December 2018


I wanted to do a few "music mondays" before the year ends, I really hope to be more consistent with blogging which I say every year but 2019 I hope it will be different.

My first song recommendation would definitely be Halsey - Without Me, I adore this song and only just found it from the VS 2018 show today. I will be honest and admit I didn't really jump on the Halsey train as I didn't get her vibe. However, this song I just fell in love with and I am one of those people who just rinse out a song (apologies to my brain for the next week).

The next song I would suggest would be the song of the moment Ariana Grande - thank u, next  which is a move on from toxic boyfriend anthem. I'm actually surprised with how many pop tracks I have enjoyed this month but this one I have been bumping to all week. The video is a actually legendary with all our " favourite chick flicks" in one take. I especially loved the Mean Girls and Bring It On throwback. It was nice to actually watch a fun music video without looking at my stomach and think why the hell did I eat two snickers bars in 30 minutes?

Final recommendation would definitely be Osh - My YE is different which will be the "I am not in your lane" anthem that I promise to live by. I always listen to this song before playing football or doing my makeup because I promise it will leave you feeling like the sauciest person on the planet.

Thanks for reading,

Ese xo

Autumnal Days

11 November 2018

Hello everyone,

It's officially Autumn in London with brown leaves, orange hot chocolate, bold lips and cosy jumpers. I would say its my favourite season to dress in especially as I can bring out the Dr Martens everyday.

Outfit Info

- Jumper - & Other Stories
- Leather Jacket - Bershka
- Trousers - Primary
- Shoes - Dr Martens
- Bag - Mulberrry Lily

Lots of Love,

Ese x

Everyday Life and Trip to Bath

4 November 2018

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update how things are going and how I find that life can be really stressful when things get on top of you and I have really let things slip recently. I always try to be organised but it's almost impossible with everyday life. But I want to mention how important is to take step back when things are stressful because nothing is worth jeopardising your mental health. I think it's okay to admit that something is too much to handle because I find that the most important start.

Additionally , I have been trying to do things that make me happy when things get stressful such as playing football which I love, watching youtube / Netflix, exploring places in England with photography. I visited Bath with my boyfriend this week - which was lovely as we explored the Sally Lunn's Bun which was delicious, Jane Austen's Tea Room (again delicious), The Roman Baths and also did some shopping at Space NK. I picked up the NARS The Orgasm Infatuation Palette  which was bought for just the packaging alone. It's a stunning palette and the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer  in Amande. Overall, it was just a beautiful place to visit and I think England has many wonderful places to visit which are still traditional in spirit with modern touches.

Lots of Love,


September Favourites

23 September 2018

September Favourites

September 2018 is officially coming to a close and it's been an interesting month of self discovery and some new changes in my life. 
I would say favourite of the month would definitely be my new MacBook Pro - that was a very special birthday present from my boyfriend. It has definitely been such a handy gift and gave me the boost to start blogging again. I think all my favourites are probably things I got for my birthday - come to think about it. My second favourite would be my new Canon camera I got from my Dad which was another ode to blogging. I really chose presents that I used as an excuse not to blog such as I hated my camera quality or my laptop didn't work. I can't use those excuses anymore so I'm definitely going to put the hard work into making my blog - a success. 

Thanks for Reading xxx

Update and Reading Festival 2018

11 September 2018

Hi - it's been a while since I have blogged, I would like to say I'm back but those words feel too familiar. I love blogging and writing about my day to day life but I have no time. It has been difficult as I work really far from home, tiring commute Monday to Friday and jammed packed weekends. On the 17th August, I turned 25 and like clockwork  - the quartlife crisis came and I thought what have I done significantly with those years. I have really good achievements but I struggled to think what have I really done. I will definitely do things differently and learn from myself rather than others.  I should be a better friend as I know that is a really important factor of my life I tend to neglect.

But this year in August, I went to Reading Festival which was amazing, I went with my boyfriend and absolutely loved it. I saw amazing acts live like Kings of Leon, Wizkid, The Wombats, Dua Lipa, The Kooks and Kendrick Lemar. Reading was definitely an experience I will not forget. I found out the hard way that camping is not easy to even if it was glamping at Pink Moon. My sleep was painful to say the least, it was a great experience from the clean showers to the fresh vegetarian muffins in morning but I would have wanted more sleep. On the topic of food at Reading that was the most expensive part of the festival. I have never seen why a cheeseburger would cost up to 8 pounds - ordinary beef. When people said the same sentiments I didn't understand the extremities. I would say recommend some quick tips for going to a festival.

1. Carry minimal luggage as it is not worth the hassle at alllllll especially if your campsite is far from the main arena.
2. The mud at festivals is real, people do not lie and wellingtons are the best investments.
3. Be prepared for silly mosh pits at every set you attend - they are powerful and will move to the ground by force.
4. If you carry a tent to a festival but don't want to take it home - then recycle it, save someone the hassle of tidying your mess and help the environment at the same time.
5. Bum bags and baby wipes are a key essential and are always there to help.

Thanks for reading - (pun intended)

Ese x

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