January Music Favorites

23 January 2017

Hello Readers,

I hope all have been well. 

I have so many new music loves to share with you this month. So I subscribed to  Apple Music and it has been such a good investment because I can actually download music on the go and discover new genres too. I would say from like 13 my favourite genres were R&B, Indie, Alternative, Hip Hop/ Rap and African Classics. But now definitely more Neo Soul, Afrobeat and Less Hip Hop/Rap and Alternative. It was weird falling out of love with Hip Hop but I can't find anyone I love from the genre in 2016/17 and most times find myself listening to classics. I love music overall and really hope that the trend of noise mumbling rap finally dies as I can't anymore. 

My first song recommendation of January has to be Julz ft L.A.X - Give You Love and I love this song. It's a beautiful mix of Ghanaian and Nigerian beats. There was a current debate where the music artist Mr. Eazi said on Twitter that a lot of Nigerian music is directly influenced by Ghanian music and that caused quite a stir on Twitter. In that debate, I really saw the creativity in Nigerians and the memes had me in tears. But, in my opinion, I would say although there is some truth in that - But it has not solely influenced all Nigerian music. Nigeria has their own flow and style of music. I think it would be wrong to say that Nigerians are the only ones who reference music from other countries - everyone does. So I did find it annoying that he only mentioned Nigeria - please look at America (cough cough). But back to the song - it's so amazing and I love storytelling. It's about searching for true love and it mixes the Yoruba and English Language so beautifully. I'm not Yoruba but I can fully appreciate the language and culture. 

As I have looked at my music recommendations -  most of them are about love which I didn't plan. Currently, I just love sleep which gives me no stress. Next song is Maleek Berry ft Wizkid - Love You which was released in 2013 so how I am enjoying it now I do not know. However, I love Maleek Berry and Wizkid and really hope they make more collaborations and they make fire together. 

Alex Isley - About Him - is actually the sweetest song if you love soulful vibes you will really enjoy this song. I found this gem on SoundCloud and it has become an everyday listen. I like revising or working while music softly plays in the background. She has such an amazing voice and I look forward to exploring her discography.

Asa - Eye Adaba - I have loved Asa since I heard her funnily enough on CNN this was in 2010 I think but I find her music keeps getting better. Her songs are always mixed with Yoruba and English which I really love as it doesn't change her authentic self. Asa's lyrics are actually poetry in motion and she just takes you away to another place. 

I hope to blog more this year and finally buy a new camera.

Thank you for reading



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