Hello 2017 - My Resolutions

1 January 2017

Hello Readers,

Happy New Year !!!

We have finally reached to 2017 and I am actually excited for this year. I can only describe 2016 as a rollercoaster but an interesting one. It was a year I needed to have to grow in myself. I got a new job, traveled to new countries and started my fitness journey. I always set myself goals or resolutions because as I like having some structure going into a new year.

1. My first resolution would build a better relationship with God. I attend church regularly but my mass attendance is limited as I teach Sunday School. I'm finally doing my driving lessons and this would hopefully allow me to attend two masses on a Sunday. I will also like to pray daily, I find prayer quite calming so it would be amazing to permanently make it part of my routine.

 2. Fitness - I have started going to gym more often during university both undergraduate and graduate - I just never had time to focus on fitness and I enjoyed plantain crisps far too often in the library.

 3. Travel & Culture -Last year, I traveled but this year is going to be amazing. I am hoping to go to Nigeria and so many more countries too. I also want to learn my native languages (Bini & Igbo). I always used to wonder why I was never taught either Nigerian language but with my, parents being from two different tribes I grew to understand but I have bought a book by Brian Ogbeide "Learn Edo The Easy Way" so hopefully it should be an interesting transition

 4. Saving has become super important as I have gotten older, I hope to reduce my spending on clothes, makeup, and so many shoes. I need to think bigger so saving will definitely help in the long run.

 5. Blogging - I really don't blog enough but 2017 I really hope to post once a week. So fingers crossed :)

Thank you for reading

 Lots of Love Ese


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