23 things for 23 years

13 September 2016

I recently turned 23, feeling slightly different and then I thought what have I achieved in 23 years. It's weird because we don't go through life creating an achievement board. I really wish I had so this post wouldn't be so difficult. I found myself thinking about my whole life and I felt underwhelmed. When I was younger, I was so brave and ready to try anything new but as I've gotten older - nothing. I've stopped pushing myself and its quite sad. I'm really ready to try new things so I'm noting down 23 news things for me and anyone to try out or think about.

1. Start reading the Bible - I always find that Bible stories are the perfect lesson to learn and the quotes have a way of changing your perspective to more a positive viewpoint. I need that because it's so easy to the think the worst so why not have some faith.

2. Try a new Subway sandwich - I've always gotten the same thing for like 4 years 

3. TRAVEL - I went to Denmark & Italy this year which was incredible but I definitely see America and Asia as my next step.

4. Mental Health - I think it's such an important point and should hold so much more value. Mental Health doesn't mean Mental Illness but it needs to be looked after just as we care for our bodies.

5. Forgiveness - if anyone can hold a grudge I can (probably could win a gold medal) but its not healthy and very pointless. I realised that people can make you so upset or angry but holding that feeling is damaging in the long run so move on and let it go.

6. Education - I want to do my PhD next year so need to start planning my approach for that and finally decide what aspect I will specialise in.

7. Literature - I have been reading a lot of Nigerian authors this year such as Lola Shoneyin (The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives) Chibundu Onuzo (The Spider King's Daughter), Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where I have read most of her books and just two remain ( Purple Hibiscus and We Should Be Feminists). I have grown so much reading literature that I can relate to and understand. I really recommend reading literature from new countries because it will open your eyes in such a beautiful way.

8. Writing my FIRST book - when I was younger I used to write so many pieces of poetry (fun fact I've been published twice) but typical me lost motivation and gave up. I read one of my old poems and was so sad I had stopped doing what I love. I have decided to start writing a book even though I'm unsure where it will lead, that will be the fun part.

9. Blogging - I can't wait to blog more often and take more pictures for it too. Blogging is calming and super fun so try if you haven't.

10. Bikini ( yikes) I've never worn a bikini and I have never had to confidence do so but life is all about growth and I like my body. I just need to find a nice one and conquer that fear.

11. Theatre - I'm going to see the Lion King live - it's the best.


13. Healthy Eating - I love eating clean but it takes so much time. I'm going to order some recipe books and see new things to find. 

14. Gym - I love gym I'm just not dedicated but I'm the same person that will complain that I don't have the body of Teyana Taylor while eating chips. I need to change that aspect and just enjoy working out for every reason not just the superficial. 

15. Makeup - my eyeshadow and eyeliner application suck so I need to practice ASAP.

16. Fashion Week - I want to go to a fashion week but I would like to see where my blogging goes before I take that step.

17. Charity - I want give more to charity and donate blood (really don't like needles but it helps someone in the end)

18. Natural Hair - I would like to transition my hair rather than the big chop as I think I can look after  and appreciate my natural hair. 

19. Marathon - perhaps London one day.

20. Languages - I would like to learn French and Mandarin.

21. Moin Moin - I can't cook this and I can make a lot of things but this bean cake has stressed me out so I will make this successfully once I practice enough.

22. Dance - Aged 22 I found that my dancing was really not up to par and it really needs work because no one ever told me :( 

23. Peace of Mind - would be wonderful 

Thanks for reading 

Lots of Love 

Ese xxx

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