Is it possible to be crap at dating ?

15 April 2016

I recently concluded to myself that I will never understand the opposite sex. I have tried and cannot break down the walls of confusing guys. It is a hard journey and just a lot of unnecessary effort that I am not going to waste. I have to think and wonder whether it's my fault that I attract guys who don't know what they want. I am 22, so you would think guys my age are sensible and are ready for steady relationships. NO - you are wrong and so I am, guys will never know what they want. (My disclaimer - some guys) but it is still so long dating. I just want something easy going and not confusing - how hard is that. It's annoying because sometimes you think you have found that person - then BANG he is child in a grown man's body. I have these questions running in my minds like when will he text back - LIKE WHY DO I CARE.  I will give some advice as I can only try to be positive on this blog.

1. Keep yourself busy i.e. go out with friends or family, pick up a sport, volunteer and do something creative with your time or finish your essays.

2. Don't go through his social media because it will make you annoyed and want to punch something repeatedly. 

3. Just remember - life is too short to worry over stupid guys (disclaimer - some guys).

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