Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Review

21 March 2016

I finally just finished the final episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 and I hate to type these words but I didn't enjoy at all. I didn't understand the season at all and I even re - watched some episodes to really understand but I couldn't. The season started off and had some brilliant aspects, where we the girls come back from their separate lives to Rosewood 5 years later. Charlotte aka Charles aka A is in the process of being released and the Alison pleads her case to girls to aid her in getting Charlotte out of the facility . I was confused here already as I thought it would make no sense in asking your friends who your sister made their lives hell to try and release her. It then continued and the girls cooperated except Aria and that scene made me appreciate Lucy Hale's acting as I really felt like this would be any normal person's response. A made their lives a living hell but don't worry as Alison said her sister is cool now and won't try and kill your asses.  Then I was even more confused as Emily was pretending to be a student, Spencer liked Caleb ( she always likes someone else's man) , Aria was not with her teacher and was a writing agent and Hanna was engaged to someone who is not Caleb. I thought cool as this is what happens and I couldn't expect their stories to stay the same. I just expected more than what was delivered from this season. It left me feeling empty when I watched I wasn't gripped at all and I knew that Charlotte was going to die but my goodness they have dragged this mystery. I don't even care because it makes no sense now. Hanna suddenly confesses to the crime of killing Charlotte and is then kidnapped under all their noses. I don't how we are supposed to believe that makes so much sense. But I hope season 7 is better as I love PLL.

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