Coconut Oil

21 March 2016

Why I love Coconut Oil 

I ordered a big tub of coconut oil and I can use it for so many things, ideas that don't often come to mind immediately. I love the smell of coconut oil too and it's so multi functional too.

Coconut Oil and Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth

I swish this (a teaspoon amount) around my mouth for about 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse my mouth with salty water and then brush my teeth. I found it works quite well, I do this three times a week and I have seen a difference, I cannot guarantee it works for everyone but it is worth the try.


It is not so pleasant the first or second or third time but after awhile you get used to the taste, smell and texture.

Cooking with Coconut Oil 

I use coconut oil to fry meals like chow mein with vegetables and egg noodles. It is refreshing and light which I really enjoy. Coconut Oil is high in medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids that boost metabolism so that sounds so attractive to someone like me who would like to lose some weight and be healthier.

Skin and Hair

I have Afro Hair which can become dry so this adds so much moisture and removes the high chance of split ends. However, it can be used with any hair texture supporting both hair growth and quality.

I also use this as a body cream and its doing wonders for me as I have some dry skin areas also.

It is definitely a wonder product and really cheap. It has so many uses and it's really lovely to use.

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