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28 March 2016

I love music and I couldn't even tell what my favourite genre is because I have so many. When I hear a song I like and play constantly till the point I can't listen again but I can't help it. I discovered this artist from ASOS magazine and entered her name on Youtube so quickly. Her name is Izzy Bizu - other than being simply beautiful, she has one of loveliest voices I have heard in ages. I would say my favourite song so far of hers would be White Tiger. It's such a fun and lively song and so needed to remind me that summer is so close and I can't wait.

Next artist recommendation would definitely be Mr Eazi and I am obsessed with this guy. I just get so excited when I hear it's your boy Eaziiiii on a song, I start pushing my way through dancefloors, most likely my living room but who is complaining. I first heard him in a Afrobeat playlist and from there I pounded the song like no other. Bankulize is my love song, I can't fault the storytelling and the rhythm that pours from that song. He mixes both Nigerian and Ghanaian influences so perfectly. I think anyone would love this guy and I can't wait for him to blow musically. I would also recommend Skintight if you can't get enough - I can't explain but I just love his music -  its so authentic.

Final artist to recommend would be Raleigh Ritchie - and as you may guess I am obsesseddddddd. I remember seeing this guy and thinking isn't he an actor from Adulthood and Game of Thrones called Jacob Anderson, Then I heard Bloodsport and just said wow you should just sing because you are sick. I just thought he was the perfect person to just transition from actor to singer to whoever because he is great at both. It is really hard to do that and be good, being the critic I am and seeing so many actors try the dreaded crossover. I was unsure but he disproved that theory and has made a new name for himself (literally). I love the song Bloodsport, it gained more popularity recently as it was featured in an episode of Teen Wolf but I was ahead of the wave being the music expert I am and reading ASOS magazine again. Nevertheless, I really enjoy his voice, tone and just everything, with so much strength to his vocals.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely have a listen to these artists!

    Christina ♡ from Okay Christina

  2. You're welcome, I really hope you enjoy.

    Ese from Chapters & Sunflowers

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