23 things for 23 years

13 September 2016

I recently turned 23, feeling slightly different and then I thought what have I achieved in 23 years. It's weird because we don't go through life creating an achievement board. I really wish I had so this post wouldn't be so difficult. I found myself thinking about my whole life and I felt underwhelmed. When I was younger, I was so brave and ready to try anything new but as I've gotten older - nothing. I've stopped pushing myself and its quite sad. I'm really ready to try new things so I'm noting down 23 news things for me and anyone to try out or think about.

1. Start reading the Bible - I always find that Bible stories are the perfect lesson to learn and the quotes have a way of changing your perspective to more a positive viewpoint. I need that because it's so easy to the think the worst so why not have some faith.

2. Try a new Subway sandwich - I've always gotten the same thing for like 4 years 

3. TRAVEL - I went to Denmark & Italy this year which was incredible but I definitely see America and Asia as my next step.

4. Mental Health - I think it's such an important point and should hold so much more value. Mental Health doesn't mean Mental Illness but it needs to be looked after just as we care for our bodies.

5. Forgiveness - if anyone can hold a grudge I can (probably could win a gold medal) but its not healthy and very pointless. I realised that people can make you so upset or angry but holding that feeling is damaging in the long run so move on and let it go.

6. Education - I want to do my PhD next year so need to start planning my approach for that and finally decide what aspect I will specialise in.

7. Literature - I have been reading a lot of Nigerian authors this year such as Lola Shoneyin (The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives) Chibundu Onuzo (The Spider King's Daughter), Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where I have read most of her books and just two remain ( Purple Hibiscus and We Should Be Feminists). I have grown so much reading literature that I can relate to and understand. I really recommend reading literature from new countries because it will open your eyes in such a beautiful way.

8. Writing my FIRST book - when I was younger I used to write so many pieces of poetry (fun fact I've been published twice) but typical me lost motivation and gave up. I read one of my old poems and was so sad I had stopped doing what I love. I have decided to start writing a book even though I'm unsure where it will lead, that will be the fun part.

9. Blogging - I can't wait to blog more often and take more pictures for it too. Blogging is calming and super fun so try if you haven't.

10. Bikini ( yikes) I've never worn a bikini and I have never had to confidence do so but life is all about growth and I like my body. I just need to find a nice one and conquer that fear.

11. Theatre - I'm going to see the Lion King live - it's the best.


13. Healthy Eating - I love eating clean but it takes so much time. I'm going to order some recipe books and see new things to find. 

14. Gym - I love gym I'm just not dedicated but I'm the same person that will complain that I don't have the body of Teyana Taylor while eating chips. I need to change that aspect and just enjoy working out for every reason not just the superficial. 

15. Makeup - my eyeshadow and eyeliner application suck so I need to practice ASAP.

16. Fashion Week - I want to go to a fashion week but I would like to see where my blogging goes before I take that step.

17. Charity - I want give more to charity and donate blood (really don't like needles but it helps someone in the end)

18. Natural Hair - I would like to transition my hair rather than the big chop as I think I can look after  and appreciate my natural hair. 

19. Marathon - perhaps London one day.

20. Languages - I would like to learn French and Mandarin.

21. Moin Moin - I can't cook this and I can make a lot of things but this bean cake has stressed me out so I will make this successfully once I practice enough.

22. Dance - Aged 22 I found that my dancing was really not up to par and it really needs work because no one ever told me :( 

23. Peace of Mind - would be wonderful 

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Lots of Love 

Ese xxx

Long Time (Update)

29 July 2016

I feel like I've been away for ages. But I am back, it has been hard managing both my masters degree and full time employment but its allllll under control now. I would say I am definitely happier these days :) and it has been ages since I felt simple happiness. I am even going to Denmark and Italy next month and I will blog my adventures. Travelling is something I have always wanted to do, I have only been to Nigeria so exploring parts of Europe is literally making me gleam (I might as well with Brexit pending).I will be doing some packing tips, makeup haul, book & music reviews, an evening GRWM next month so I look forward to sharing. Thanks for Reading Lots of Love Ese xxx

Am I the Back Pocket Girl ?

24 April 2016

My dating chronicles aren't the best however I didn't think I was that bad. However, I kept getting the same result - responses but no action. I'm not talking about that type of action lol, but just nothing. It's like some guys find a girl they like but can't commit. I call these guys "baby boys" - thank you Adebayor for coming up with a wonderful name for it. Guys (disclaimer - some guys) keep back pocket girls for their own ego just knowing they are going to reply to the once in a while text messages or calls, it gives them this weird buzz. And yet we still keep waiting, I have never looked at so many forums to why a guy doesn't text. Then I found something, I resonated with - the Back Pocket Girl. She is always there, for support, comfort, friendship and everything else a girlfriend is. However, she doesn't have the title girlfriend or friend- she doesn't even have a title which is worse. I realized I was the back pocket girl and it was an awful realization - quite painful also. Then I told myself no, fudge that I am not waiting to fluff your ego, I'm going to enjoy myself. Back Pocket Girls aren't side chicks - they get no attention at all until its convenient, just there waiting for "I've been busy with work" - no guy is that busy.  Ideally you are what the guy is looking for but they want to surf the sea for something else. My advice don't be that girl, we are worth so much more.

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Is it possible to be crap at dating ?

15 April 2016

I recently concluded to myself that I will never understand the opposite sex. I have tried and cannot break down the walls of confusing guys. It is a hard journey and just a lot of unnecessary effort that I am not going to waste. I have to think and wonder whether it's my fault that I attract guys who don't know what they want. I am 22, so you would think guys my age are sensible and are ready for steady relationships. NO - you are wrong and so I am, guys will never know what they want. (My disclaimer - some guys) but it is still so long dating. I just want something easy going and not confusing - how hard is that. It's annoying because sometimes you think you have found that person - then BANG he is child in a grown man's body. I have these questions running in my minds like when will he text back - LIKE WHY DO I CARE.  I will give some advice as I can only try to be positive on this blog.

1. Keep yourself busy i.e. go out with friends or family, pick up a sport, volunteer and do something creative with your time or finish your essays.

2. Don't go through his social media because it will make you annoyed and want to punch something repeatedly. 

3. Just remember - life is too short to worry over stupid guys (disclaimer - some guys).

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Artists for March

28 March 2016

I love music and I couldn't even tell what my favourite genre is because I have so many. When I hear a song I like and play constantly till the point I can't listen again but I can't help it. I discovered this artist from ASOS magazine and entered her name on Youtube so quickly. Her name is Izzy Bizu - other than being simply beautiful, she has one of loveliest voices I have heard in ages. I would say my favourite song so far of hers would be White Tiger. It's such a fun and lively song and so needed to remind me that summer is so close and I can't wait.

Next artist recommendation would definitely be Mr Eazi and I am obsessed with this guy. I just get so excited when I hear it's your boy Eaziiiii on a song, I start pushing my way through dancefloors, most likely my living room but who is complaining. I first heard him in a Afrobeat playlist and from there I pounded the song like no other. Bankulize is my love song, I can't fault the storytelling and the rhythm that pours from that song. He mixes both Nigerian and Ghanaian influences so perfectly. I think anyone would love this guy and I can't wait for him to blow musically. I would also recommend Skintight if you can't get enough - I can't explain but I just love his music -  its so authentic.

Final artist to recommend would be Raleigh Ritchie - and as you may guess I am obsesseddddddd. I remember seeing this guy and thinking isn't he an actor from Adulthood and Game of Thrones called Jacob Anderson, Then I heard Bloodsport and just said wow you should just sing because you are sick. I just thought he was the perfect person to just transition from actor to singer to whoever because he is great at both. It is really hard to do that and be good, being the critic I am and seeing so many actors try the dreaded crossover. I was unsure but he disproved that theory and has made a new name for himself (literally). I love the song Bloodsport, it gained more popularity recently as it was featured in an episode of Teen Wolf but I was ahead of the wave being the music expert I am and reading ASOS magazine again. Nevertheless, I really enjoy his voice, tone and just everything, with so much strength to his vocals.

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Insecurity and How I Aim to Overcome It

27 March 2016

I haven't always been secure in myself. This has often led to anxiety and low self esteem which I managed to hide very well. I always compared myself to other people and was never happy just being me. It has been a turbulent journey but now I can actually say, I really like myself. I always thought that being in a relationship, or being popular would make me happy but it didn't. I had to like myself and that is hard if your constantly comparing yourself to people, wishing you had their features, or that I was skinnier or that I looked like BeyoncĂ©. I really wanted to look like BeyoncĂ© aka Queen B but I soon realised that would be impossible and I better quickly like the person that God had blessed me to be. One day (slightly dramatic pause) I looked at myself and picked what feature that I liked. I picked my lips and I was surprised as people often made me insecure about my lips saying they were too big. Then it came to me if I like my lips why should I care if others don't as they do not live my life. I live my life not those damn fools so  I started wearing lipstick promoting my lips that I have learned to love and wearing confidence as a new accessory.

My Tips ( However I'm no expert )

1. Pick a feature and if you can't because you're being shy - ask a friend or family.
2. Promote that feature if eyes wear mascara or eyeshadows, the aim is to make those eyes pop !!!!
3. Stop Comparing Yourself as someone is probably comparing themselves to you.
4. Wear your confidence as a brand new accessory.
5. Be Happy as you are beautiful just the way you are.


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Coconut Oil

21 March 2016

Why I love Coconut Oil 

I ordered a big tub of coconut oil and I can use it for so many things, ideas that don't often come to mind immediately. I love the smell of coconut oil too and it's so multi functional too.

Coconut Oil and Oil Pulling for Whiter Teeth

I swish this (a teaspoon amount) around my mouth for about 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse my mouth with salty water and then brush my teeth. I found it works quite well, I do this three times a week and I have seen a difference, I cannot guarantee it works for everyone but it is worth the try.


It is not so pleasant the first or second or third time but after awhile you get used to the taste, smell and texture.

Cooking with Coconut Oil 

I use coconut oil to fry meals like chow mein with vegetables and egg noodles. It is refreshing and light which I really enjoy. Coconut Oil is high in medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids that boost metabolism so that sounds so attractive to someone like me who would like to lose some weight and be healthier.

Skin and Hair

I have Afro Hair which can become dry so this adds so much moisture and removes the high chance of split ends. However, it can be used with any hair texture supporting both hair growth and quality.

I also use this as a body cream and its doing wonders for me as I have some dry skin areas also.

It is definitely a wonder product and really cheap. It has so many uses and it's really lovely to use.

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Lots of Love



Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Review

I finally just finished the final episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 and I hate to type these words but I didn't enjoy at all. I didn't understand the season at all and I even re - watched some episodes to really understand but I couldn't. The season started off and had some brilliant aspects, where we the girls come back from their separate lives to Rosewood 5 years later. Charlotte aka Charles aka A is in the process of being released and the Alison pleads her case to girls to aid her in getting Charlotte out of the facility . I was confused here already as I thought it would make no sense in asking your friends who your sister made their lives hell to try and release her. It then continued and the girls cooperated except Aria and that scene made me appreciate Lucy Hale's acting as I really felt like this would be any normal person's response. A made their lives a living hell but don't worry as Alison said her sister is cool now and won't try and kill your asses.  Then I was even more confused as Emily was pretending to be a student, Spencer liked Caleb ( she always likes someone else's man) , Aria was not with her teacher and was a writing agent and Hanna was engaged to someone who is not Caleb. I thought cool as this is what happens and I couldn't expect their stories to stay the same. I just expected more than what was delivered from this season. It left me feeling empty when I watched I wasn't gripped at all and I knew that Charlotte was going to die but my goodness they have dragged this mystery. I don't even care because it makes no sense now. Hanna suddenly confesses to the crime of killing Charlotte and is then kidnapped under all their noses. I don't how we are supposed to believe that makes so much sense. But I hope season 7 is better as I love PLL.

Thanks for Reading

*if you would like me to review any other show let me know :)

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Hi !

17 March 2016

Hi ! :)

I'm Ese and this is my blog Chapters & Sunflowers.  I hope this blog will based on everything I love from fashion to fitness and wellbeing. I wanted to start blogging again as I find it so fufuliling and fun to share ideas and opinions. I love reading blogs on the train, outside in the garden - practically anywhere I can bring my iPad. I love reading news and current affairs so I may include that also. I told myself this year to expand my horizons and do something new. Over the last few years, I began to stay at home and became a complete homebody. It wasn't healthy and lost a lot of confidence. So this year I said - it's going to be a better year for myself and I've seen some amazing results already. I just feel happier and stepped outside of myself.

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